A Tool to Teach Remote Engineering Laboratories


  • Prakash Ranganathan, Kendall Nygard


Students who are currently enrolled in Electrical Engineering Laboratories at the University of North Dakota (or at most ABET engineering institutions) need to perform simulation of various Electrical Engineering circuitry experiments in the form of pre-labs using Multisim and Ultiboard (Electronics workbench) in a B.S.E.E undergraduate curriculum. Currently, we do not have any easy mechanism for distance students (or campus students) to learn this tool, although students have access to text based tutorial handout. It would make a huge impact on student learning, if there is a step by step video tutorial made available to students, keeping in mind that the current generation of students is on YouTube based learning environment. Hence I propose Jing based screenshot tutorials to understand how to simulate circuitry experiments and design a printed circuit board using Electronics workbench software. The feedback from students show that they benefit more through video based learning especially for simulation tools in our Distance Engineering Degree program (DEDP) program environment. It is important to note that University of North Dakota is the only ABET accredited engineering institution in the US offering Distance Engineering Degree program for Undergraduates (B.S.E.E, B.S.M.E, B.S.ChE).




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