What Students Value about Education and Recommendations for Online Education

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Michelle Jarvie-Eggart


Online education is on the rise. Increasingly, students are seeking both undergraduate and graduate degrees online. Many are drawn to online education because of its convenience and flexibility to accommodate work or family schedules. Students also value online education when there is a perceived instructor presence and when students have the ability to interact with each other, such as through discussions.
This paper explores what students’ value about in person and online learning for the purpose of making recommendations for the design of online course design. A survey was administered to 38 students in the winter semester of 2015. Results indicated that students’ value the following: instructor presence and instructor availability provided by in person classes; class discussions/debates both in person and online, group work and human interaction, in-person lectures, the deadlines and accountability provided by in-person classes, and the convenience of asynchronous online classes. Suggestions were made based on these results for the design of online courses.

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