Experiences With An Integrated Online Course in Project Management

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M. E. Ssemakula


A variety of social, economic and technological factors are converging to transform the nature of higher education. Educational institutions are under pressure to reduce costs, improve access, and cater to a changing population more interested in lifelong learning. Schools have responded by spawning a variety of methods and technologies for delivering education, including online distance learning. This, in turn, is transforming how knowledge is delivered. The traditional teacher-focused model is being replaced by a learner-centered approach, with students taking more proactive control of how and when they engage in learning activities, and the instructor being more of a coach. This paper gives a detailed description of the strategies that were followed in developing an online course in Project Management which embodies the new approach. Assessments conducted to determine the effectiveness of this approach in meeting the course’s learning outcomes and to evaluate student reactions to the course in its new online delivery mode show high levels of student achievement as well as high levels of student satisfaction with the course.

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