Augmented Reality-based Mobile Learning System for Electrical Fundamentals

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Kenenth Lo
Zerance NG
James CAHU
Antony LAM


With the popularity of using mobile devices nowadays, students were not limited to use desktop or laptop computers for their learning. They used tablets or even smartphone to review lecture materials, complete assignments and attend online classes. This new learning habit allowed teachers to adopt latest technology in these mobile devices to facilitate teaching and learning, and the commonly adopted one was Augmented Reality. In this paper, an augmented reality-based mobile learning system was developed to improve students learning effectiveness and efficiency of electrical fundamentals. In the mobile learning system, students were able to understand the 3-dimensional electric field and potential of different charged objects, phasor diagrams of AC circuits, circuit analysis with different resistors and batteries arrangement, and experiment settings. Results showed that students were appreciate using the mobile learning system to ease their understanding of abstract concepts in electricity.

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Lo, K., NG, Z. ., CAHU, J., & LAM, A. (2024). Augmented Reality-based Mobile Learning System for Electrical Fundamentals. Journal of Online Engineering Education, 14(2), 01–12. Retrieved from